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From Compliance to Commitment
Communication is a two way street, so by paying attention to how the message is received, as well as how it is transmited you can get far more engagement from those that you want to influence

Force Field Analysis

An Introduction to Organisational Culture

PESTLE Analysis

Porter’s 5 Forces

Managing Change

Return on Investment

The Change Curve

The Competing Values of Organisational Culture

What is Culture?

Action Learning Sets

The GROW Model

Validating Ideas with Market Research
This video is focused on what you might need to do to check the desirability of an idea you have by reviewing the competition, market trends, customer’s needs and your own position in the market.
It includes some straightforward things that you can do yourself, but it’s more than trying to get people to answer surveys! It’s about testing assumptions to avoid risk, spot opportunities and plan ahead.

Cost-Benefit Analysis
This short aims to help you consider the viability of a non-critical investment. It includes help for acknowledging all of the benefits including intangibles, and all of the costs, not just the upfront investment.

Stakeholder Analysis
Who are the key people that you need to understand and influence to be successful?
This video considers stakeholders from the perspective of a change project, but you can use the approach in the context of any change. Handy hint – try considering people who you get between you and those that you want to reach!

SWOT Analysis
This is a short ‘how to’ guide to perhaps the best known of the business tools. Watch this if you need to review your organisation from both internal and external perspectives. SWOT is a great starting point when planning for the future, considering changing the business, or looking for innovation opportunities.

The What and Why of Reshoring
Today there’s a real thirst for quality and authenticity — and for British-made goods, however Leicestershire Manufacturers certainly need to play their part. Can you improve your relationship with buyers? Do you stand out in this rather congested market? Retailers are constantly looking for better value, is your business standing still or striving for improvement?
Here’s a short video with some practical tips to get you thinking about your customers

Technology Adoption Lifecycle
Textile manufacture has never presented more options for making use of technology than it does today. We made this video to stimulate your thinking about how quickly you adopt new technology, processes and materials.
When you’ve watched the video it it’s worth considering where you would place yourself on the curve described. Then reflect on whether that serves you well, or if not, what you can do to change.

Understanding Customer & Stakeholder Needs
Engaging with any new customer has to start from getting into the detail of what they value, how well their needs are met and where they have needs that are not fully met.
Watch this for an introduction to a process for investigating and mapping the needs of buyers, consumers and other stakeholders.

Leicesterhire Textiles Buyers’ Needs
Your Leicestershire Textile Hub has been speaking to retail buyers about what influences them in choosing suppliers. This video summarises some of the insight you need to be able to stand out from competitors elsewhere.

The What & Why of Reshoring
Textile manufacturing that was once offshored has been returning to the UK and this is projected to continue. This video summarises what is happening and why.

Top Tips for the Leicestershire Textiles Hub

Leicestershire Manufacturing Industry

Benefits of working with Leicestershire Manufacturers

British Manufacturing

CCG Innovation Skills Overview

Introduction to Assessing Ideas

Portfolio Management
Learn about managing ideas, identifying projects with high returns and low risks for implementation.

The Innovative Organisation
This short video looks into visulaising innovation pipeline within an organisation, creating value for customers of the organisation including realising, analysing and implementing innovation ideas.

6 Thinking Hats

The Innovator’s DNA
Let’s learn about behaviours of Innovator’s, the associated 5 Characteristics and factors required for successful innovation.

Sustaining Innovation
Getting the most value from innovation requires more than a one off effort. In two and a half minutes this introduction will help you consider what you need to do consistently to run an innovative business.

The Innovation Journey
This is about embedding and encouraging innovation in an organisation – why innovation is needed, what we mean by innovation, what are the structures and activities that we could put in place to make innovation sustainable and repeatable.

Innovation as a Process
If you need to stop jumping into familiar solutions and consider a wider range of options to solve problems and realise opportunities, then this is a helpful structure.
See our other video “What is innovation”

What is Innovation
Innovation isn’t just for inventors, isn’t all about technology and definitely isn’t just for products! Watch this if your business works exactly the same way it has for years.
The world is changing faster than it ever has and the textile industry is no exception, so if your company hasn’t changed much recently, then it’s a good bet there are opportunities you’re missing.

Examples of Innovation
This video might change your perception on what innovation opportunities you could consider, by sharing some examples from other industries.

Ideal Project Criteria

Purpose Grids
An overview of what Purpose Grids area, a systematic approach to your activity and assist with any type of project or task.

Presentation Structure

SMART Objectives

Presentation Skills

Situational Leadership

Structured Brainstorming

The Doughnut of Daftness

Establishing Scope

Project Planning
Whether it’s a substantial change to your business or simply a new order there is value to setting specific goals, timelines and measures. Get an introduction in two and a half minutes and you could get inspired to running your business more predictably.

Management Journey

Zoe from Epix Media on Marketing – Leicestershire Textiles Hub

Retail Engagement Masterclass – Leicestershire Textiles Hub

Marketing Masterclass – Leicestershire Textiles Hub

Industry Masterclass with David Reay – Leicestershire Textiles Hub

Delegates Discuss Business Planning – Leicestershire Textiles Hub

Andy Dean Interview: What Retailers Want – Leicestershire Textiles Hub

Training Academies

Training In The Workplace

What Employers Look For

Training Academies Shima

Perceptions of the Industry

Leather Manufacturing

Maintenance Technician

General Pathways

Job Roles



Textile Apprenticeships

Business Consultation & Fashion Show

Athena Fashion Show Edit – Version2 – 720p

Athena Fashion Show 19 March 2015

Business Event – Athena 19 March 2015

LEP 15.05.17 SA V1
Fashion Enter – Service offer video

Leicester Textiles Hub Study – Event Presentation 16 May 2017
Leicester City Council and LLEP have been working with various partners and stakeholders for the development of a skills centre/hub. A study was recently commissioned, the outcome of the study was discussed at the event held on 16 May at DMU, Leicester

Leicestershire Textiles Hub launch
Leicestershire Textiles Hub launch video – What is the hub? What can it do for Leicestershire textiles manufacturers, retailers and entrants into the industry?

Click Here to access the presentation slides from the workshop on 09 January 2018.

Click Here to access the presentation slides from the workshop on 13 February 2018.

Click Here to access the presentation slides from the workshop on 24 April 2018.

Click Here to access the presentation slides from the workshop on 28 August 2018.

Click Here to access the presentation slides from the workshop on 06 March 2018.

Click Here to access the presentation slides from the workshop on 27 March 2018.

Click Here to access the presentation slides from the workshop on 20 February 2018.

Click Here to access the Lean Management presentation slides from the workshop on 26 July 2018.

Click Here to access the Lean Processes Concept to Design to Production presentation slides from the workshop on 26 July 2018.


The Fashion Toolkit has been created to help designers communicate their needs effectively to production units.

One of the most important components is the recommended Code Of Practice, which will provide the designers and manufacturers with a two-way assurance that both will adhere to a professional set of standards. Find out more….

Click HERE for the fashion toolkit download as one document.


Starting a business, or becoming self-employed, can be risky. It can also be hugely rewarding. Regardless of scale, it’s worth taking advantage of the advice that’s on offer to ensure your venture is a success. Click HERE to access Support and guidance for new business starters.


Whether looking for grants, loans or general advice about how to raise finance effectively, click HERE for information that can help to point you in the right direction.

The fashion and textiles industry is fast-moving, exciting and rewarding. If you’re interested in forging a new career in the sector, there are many roles and positions within the sector in Leicester and Leicestershire.

Click Here If you would like to explore various job roles within the Fashion and Textiles sector.


Apprenticeships are a great way to start your career in the textiles industry while learning from the ground up. Although, currently there are not any specific apprenticeships in textiles being delivered in Leicester, there are other roles that will enable you to gain industry knowledge and experience.

Apprenticeships can provide you with a hands-on experience of the industry, together with studying for a vocational qualification, prepare you with the technical and practical skills you need to have for a successful career.

You will learn and gain direct experience in the workplace combined with day or block release to college, earning as you do so.

Apprenticeship areas in which you can work within the textiles industry include: Business Administration, Accountancy, Digital Marketing and Warehousing. The majority of these apprenticeships will allow you to learn about the different departments within a textile business and develop an understanding of your strengths and passion.

Further & Higher Education:

Discover programmes in the textiles industry

The wide array of skills on display in textiles means there are a deluge of courses to choose from, including fashion designers to merchandisers.

Universities and colleges across the UK offer well-structured programmes in many aspects of textiles, from design and business studies, to science and technology.

Many of these courses are practical as well as theoretical, and have been developed with industry practitioners. You’ll make contacts as well as developing your skills, making you more attractive to employers.

Find out more what’s on offer at some of the Colleges & Universities in Leicestershire:

Gateway is a sixth form college, offering a comprehensive range of courses from entry level to level 3, academic and vocational. Find out more
Leicester College! We offer a comprehensive range of technical, vocational and higher education qualifications across a broad range of subject areas. Find out more:
Beauchamp is an Outstanding College (secondary and sixth form), well-established, highly successful, ethnically diverse comprehensive college. Find out more:
The De Montfort University offers a range of courses in Fashion and Textiles. Find out more:
The Loughborough University offers a range of courses in Textiles. Find out more: